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Design and development of sustainable technologies to ensure the reduction of the negative impact on the environment
Application of Sustainable Technologies in Environmental Protection
Direct use of circular economy principles
Complete Solution for Investment Projects
Production of biogas and biomethane | Biological treatment of waste | Treatment of industrial wastewater
Precise. Reliable. Certain.
We base the realization of your projects on the analysis of input raw materials in our laboratory
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From the preliminary design to the industrial plant
Career in the environmental protection
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Complete solutions for investment projects

We provide a complete service, from the development of the project idea through the creation of feasibility studies to the creation of project documentation.

EU projects

Investing in the development of new technologies

We make efforts to strengthen competitiveness by developing sustainable technologies and implementing innovative processes in the economy.


Center for Development of Sustainable Technologies

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Do you want to obtain the EU Ecolabel mark?

EU Ecolabel is an official eco-label of the European Union that marks „green“products and services. For example, those that have a less unfavorable impact on the environment during their life cycle. In this way, products and services contribute to the goal of climate neutrality of the European Union and the establishment of a circular economy.


The projects are financed by the European Fund for Regional Development, as a part of the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020